Current projects


I am currently working for real estate project developer Steenvlinder whom I facilitate in strategy and acquisition of land, buildings and collaborations with municipalities, housing corporations and other stakeholders.

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De Buik van Rotterdam

After working in the arts for several years I’ve travelled around the world as a hiking guide and community manager for a travel organization. During my stay abroad I indulged in all the flavours of the world, but have to admit to enjoying the Rotterdam gastronomy most.

I love all the flavours and colours of what Rotterdam’s restaurants have to offer and you can find me in a trendy coffee cafe, a fine dining restaurant, street food hole in the wall or local dive bar.

For food platform De Buik van Rotterdam I regurarly write about all things food.

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I am eternally curious and I like to get sh*t done.

What does that look like? You’ll find me anywhere (in the world) organizing and executing the most amazing projects, with, by and for even more amazing people. Find some projects I’ve worked on in the past below.

Past projects

Whether that is organizing a pop-up hotel with 24-hour filmscapes by Thai visual artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, to developing and implementing the PR, digital advertising, inbound marketing and social media strategy; and managing the Marketing Team for restaurant group MESS – to organizing over 100 events focussed on personal and professional growth in twelve cities in year-long work-travel programme Remote Year.

I have found myself surrounded by the most fantastic tiny houses while producing a Cultural Campsite on top of a former train track overpass for the Rooftop Days (Dakendagen) serving as the heart of the festival, coordinating vendors and artists for the Djemaa el Fna’ food festival inspired by the famous Moroccan bustling market and planning the wedding for two 70+ year olds at the Schiedam City Museum ♡.

Being curious like me can lead to interesting situations. Not speaking a word of Spanish and having an intense fear of heights, yet moving to Guatemala to become a hiking guide to the highest point in Central America: Volcán Tajumulco (13.850 ft / 4220 m) is challenging to say the least. That’s ok.

I like a challenge.