Steenvlinder: social real estate project development

I am currently working for real estate project developer  Steenvlinder whom I facilitate in strategy and acquisition of land, buildings and collaborations with municipalities, housing corporations and other stakeholders.

Steenvlinder is a social enterprise that believes that people who build their own homes are proud and invested in their neighbourhoods. They facilitate people to build new structures, or transform old buildings, into their homes, according to their wishes.

Steenvlinder INC

Sister organization Steenvlinder INC is a foundation that enables people, that do would ordinarily not have access to the housing market, to buy a home through a rent-buy option. This means that people can build their own homes, under rent control, with the option to buy after two years, for the value prior to building.


Since 2019 Steenvlinder acquired Urbannerdam to become part of the Steenvlinder group. This organization, which has been around for over 15 years, has coined the term ‘klushuizen’ (see Wikipedia) and is the expert when it comes to Collective Private Commissioning, a form of social real estate development in which a group of future residents are the collective commissioners for a real estate (building) project.